S. Riddell

About Me

I’m Sarah, a digital creator with a passion for capturing famous figures, animals, and landscapes. Raised in Arizona, I’ve been inspired by its beauty and diverse culture.

Self-taught and fueled by music, nature, and different cultures. I find solace in expressionism art.

My goal is to evoke deep emotions and stir nostalgic memories
through my work. Life itself is art, a boundless realm of imagination.

From the moment I picked up a paintbrush, I’ve been consumed by creation. Painting became my sanctuary, my way of bringing visions to life.
Now, I invite you to embark on this artistic journey with me. In addition to capturing famous personalities, I delight in showcasing the unique social groups that grace our world. From cowboys and cowgirls to other fascinating communities. I aim to celebrate the diverse tapestry of humanity through my art.

Explore my gallery, where stories unfold through vibrant colors and textures. Let my artwork transport you, whether you seek a striking centerpiece or a unique gift.